Making African sense

Africa and its diverse regions, dimensions, countries and cultures hold vast potential for business.

With a growth rate of more than 5%, Africa accounts for nearly 15% of the world population, an average annual GDP of USD 671, and 2% of the world exchanges.

Yet Africa’s unique business ecosystem is widely unchartered and untapped.

Because success in Africa depends on a company’s ability to be flexible, to be adaptable, and to be able to execute.

It requires targeted action plans with a strong field presence, along with a deep understanding of the market, keen insights andacumen, the right instincts and smart strategies.

Success takes real African common sense.

Something found uniquely with Riff Edge.

We operate directly and with a network of business growth experts in the following sectors:

  • Telecommunications
  • Network/IT
  • Consumer Products
  • Manufacturing
  • Renewable energy
  • Construction
  • Agribusiness


We exist to deliberately create sustainable growth to empower an incredible continent.

We aim to be the premier business growth partner for Africa.

At Riff Edge we are dedicated to helping our partners by:

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    Building market readiness

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    Reducing time to market

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    Growing revenue streams

Our services

Services made for Africa.

At RIFF EDGE we apply a practical logic, coupled with acumen and deliberate purpose, to Africa’s unique opportunities. We offer three key services to our business partners:

Front Line Services
For companies who have limited or no activities in Africa, and who wish to build presence and business.
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Go-To-Market Services
For companies who have activities in Africa and need support on specific and recurring action points.
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Blitz Insight Services
A short duration and intensive go-to-market service for companies who need urgent support on specific action points.
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What we do

Accelerating progress and reducing risk in Africa.

With more than 15 years of experience doing business in 40 African countries, Riff Edge has real, on-the-ground, instinctual knowledge of Africa. Upholding the highest standards of integrity and respect, we are dedicated to growing your business in A frica by delivering measurable impact and revenue growth.

You can rely on our African sense to:

  • Determine a deliberate approach to support African growth
  • Build readiness to take up the Africa challenge
  • Considerably reduce time to market by enabling our customers to be African market ready faster
  • Create targeted feasibility studies
  • Determine who the key players and game changers are in selected regions/countries
  • Define strategies and winning approaches in select market
  • Build and implement specific action plans
  • Help in building a steady business pipeline with in the field actions
  • Help in generating revenues
  • Engage relevant partners/distributors for our clients

Our Partners

Riff Edge works with carefully selected professional service partners who bring added value and expertise to our offering.

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    At Magspear, they have expertise in business development, marketing, technical deployment and support. They are passionate about Africa and technology. They aim to address and solve specific real life African challenges.

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    We are accredited for the CRE (Chèque Relance Export). This is a French initiative for promoting export activites for French based companies. Team France Export is a grouping of all public solutions proposed by French state agencies and organisations.

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    RatelCorp is a systems integrator and reseller in Togo and West Africa.

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    Lambert Lenack

    LAMBERT LÉNACK architects urbanists is an agency founded in 2012. The agency works on a wide variety of projects and scales: urban planning, housing and public facilities. Urban projects relate to territorial strategies, urban development or the development of public spaces. LAMBERT LÉNACK won the 2014 Young Urbanists Prize.

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    Qunu riders offers you a unique opportunity to explore the epic beauty of Africa from the seat of a motorcycle. They organise a variety of unforgettable, tailormade long and short motorcycle tours for groups of 2 to 8 riders at highly affordable prices.